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Climate Mitigation Services supports effective action to measure and manage emissions of greenhouse gases as a path to sustainability, profitability, and ethical action.
Climate Mitigation Services was established in 2002 by Rick Heede, who is the principal (and often the sole) investigator on Climate Mitigation Services' projects. Climate Mitigation Services draws on a global network of colleagues and experts as needed. Rick has studied climate change since the early-1970s and has worked on energy and climate solutions since 1984. He worked with Rocky Mountain Institute from 1984 through 2002 on issues ranging from energy policy (federal subsidies to the energy sector, 1985, energy policy objectives for the new administration, 1991), energy-saving office equipment, 1990, home energy measures, 1995, and “Climate Neutral by 2020” for Oberlin College, 2002.
Climate Mitigation Services works for municipalities, corporations, universities, advocacy groups, international NGOs, architects, homeowners, and individuals intent on implementing effective climate stewardship.
Climate Mitigation Services engages in and produces projects of high quality and integrity for clients with a serious commitment to reduce their emissions footprint.

See the descriptions and downloads of completed projects under “Publications” and “Services” for details.



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